Pan Pan Beats is one of the side projects of Pan Pan, a Greek comic artist and music producer. As he has said in the past these beats are just some tracks the he doesn’t feel like caring that much to make them evolve into a “proper” song, but they can make you move for two minutes or so and then you move onto the next track. The third project entitled All the air you need, in a mouth, (Όλος ο αέρας που χρειάζεσαι σε ένα στόμα) was released for free earlier this week and consists of nine songs. Nine songs that balance between ambient and piano melodies, while minimal electronic elements and noises enrich the sound. And lyrics like the following give a new dimension to the overall atmosphere, “and in the end, all the things that we experienced and those that we didn’t, will become the washing machine that will wash us all, and we will be left forgotten on a terrace, hanged inside out to dry“. All the air you need, in a mouth, is a mini album that you will listen to when you are seated alone in the dark staring at the rain pouring out of your window.

I wanted to make music that I would listen to before going to bed. Or when I want to rest in.

Pan Pan is a comic artist, illustrator and musician coming from Athens, Greece. He started making music as an attempt to “draw” the soundtrack of his comic stories, but what he achieved is to fill our days with his electronic music full of melancholy and urban sentiments.

Download the album for free or stream it on bandacmp.

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