So, you have a few vegetables and fruits; eggplants, a kiwi, a carrot, some mushrooms, strawberries and grapes. Normally you would use them for what? Making a fruit salad, cooking? Well, Jonathan Dagan also known as j.viewz doesn’t think like you. He went to the grocery store, bought a bounce of them, wired them up to a synthesizer and played them like instruments to make an organic interpretation of Massive Attack’s Teardrop. How? Well, the eggplant is a bass drum, the carrot is a high hat, the grapes sound like bells, while the mushrooms and kiwi make random sounds. Dagan explains, “When I touch the grapes, the signal goes directly to the computer through the MaKey MaKey, which is plugged into the computer through the USB. This sends a signal to the computer, where I assigned this specific circuit of the grapes to a specific sound in the computer.” In one of his small talks with Mashable he said:

I’m really intrigued by the combination of acoustic and electronic instruments. I started to be obsessed with the ‘organic’ element in electronic music, sound wise. From there, involving real organic ‘buttons’ made some funny sense.

Jonathan Dagan (1982), known by his stage name j.viewz, is a Brooklyn-based songwriter, producer, remixer, and visual artist. His production often incorporates nostalgic elements through the use of samples, analog tapes and synthesizers. In 2012, he was nominated for a Grammy Award for the unique package design of his album rivers and homes, while the title video off of rivers and homes was nominated for an Most Innovative Video music O Music Award and a UK Music Video Award.

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