Although latest’s Pariah Ep on R&S, Rift, was released 8 months ago, the video for Signal Loss was only published this February. Köln International School of Design students Philipp Carbotta, Hannes Hummel and Thilko Limbeck directed it using the Microsoft XBOX360 Kinect and ReconstructMe to scan a human body. An animation film where a man is running in a low-poly environment/forest mirroring the melancholic mood of Pariah’s track. And when the bass breaks out in this spare, minimal track the man explodes into a thousand pieces; clearly the highlight of the video. And then he starts to run again.

This Video is the result of an open task Video Project at the Köln International School of Design, on which we worked from December 2012 to February 2013. We used the Microsoft XBOX360 Kinect and ReconstructMe to scan a human body to create the character. After rigging, we used MoCap-Data for the model animation. It took over a week to render the clip on a 8-machine renderfarm, we set up at the university.

Pariah is a UK based future garage producer who has released a single, Detroit Falls, and an EP, Safehouses on the legendary dance label R&S Records. Cayzer has been gaining vocal supporters such as BBC Radio 1 DJ and electronic music evangelist Mary Anne Hobbs and contributed a mix to her show. He has collaborated with Blawan on the Karenn project which has spawned dj appearances at the best clubs in Europe, vinyl only releases, remixes and a forthcoming live show, and also delivered one of the stand out tracks to the IOTDXI compilation with ‘Left Unsaid’. Pariah returned to R&S for his third single in June.

Philipp Carbotta lives and works in Cologne, Germany. He is a student at Köln International School of Design and the Co-founder and editor of the music blog HEY. Hannes Hummel is a freelance designer showcasing a visual collection of graphic & motion design, while his work has been exhibited in many galleries around Germany. Τhilko Limbeck is a student based in Cologne with an audio-visual focus studying Design and also taking classes af TXphd visual effects and production trainings. His works has been featured in exhibitions in Museum Ludwig or Gallery Plattforms, Cologne.

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