Soundscape.16 with Polygrains - A Certain Mixtape-1

Number sixteen of the Soundscapes series. Polygrains has been simmering below the surface for a while now. His music, an eclectic electronic menagerie of beats, bleeps and shrieks, surveys the global sonic flotsam to salvage the glitter from the gutter. He’s assembled a nearly hour-long session of beats that are big, bold, and don’t follow a linear course. Polygrains’ preference for warm, multilayered synth melodies and playful drums colors the proceedings. The result is a bricolage of urban soupadelica fizzing and simmering with passion and melancholy. Yet another example of how we never know what to expect when a podcast mix shows up in our inbox.

This mixtape is made from music I have been listening to lately.
I could have chosen other tracks, and omitted some of the ones I put on it, but for some reason I didn’t.

Henagar Union Sacred Harp Convention – Antioch 277
Polygrains – Sunshine
Pascal Gabriel – Machu Pichu
L’Orchestre Kanaga De Mopti- Kanaga
Unknown Artist – Journey I.
Legowelt – Raid on Stanleyville
Actress – Harrier ATTK
Nathan Fake – Iceni Strings
Lee Gamble – Tvash Kwawar
Farben – Xango
Gary Schneider – My Green Tambourine
Marcus – Gary’s Song


Polygrains is a musician, singer, songwriter, and producer, who was born in Greece and currently lives and works in London. Moschas’ approach to composition percolated in the Contemporary Conservatory of Thessaloniki where he studied jazz, and at the London College of Music, where he graduated in Popular Music Performance. Moschas’ engagement with theoretical and structural aspects of music brings delicacy and depth to his work. He has recently shared stages with like-minded sonic sorcerers including Nosaj Thing, Bullion and Bear in Heaven. His first EP, “Adore Primo”, can be downloaded for free at his bandcamp page.
You may find him here:

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